I'd never intended to write an album. I'd never had that idea in my head. I was messing around with ideas I'd developed over the years, in my usual way that was never quite serious enough to lay down a track. But one night time it was different. It's 5.30am, I'm tired. I need sleep and a thought comes into my head. 'I hope I don't die in my sleep because I don't want to lose this and more than anything else I just want to keep going with this tomorrow.' And it's then that I know that I need to get this work down. Record it.

It's finished. It's mixed in styles-I wrote what felt right. Sometimes a song writes itself due to circumstance. And sometimes a song is forced and twisted to make it right; I was staying in a pretty remote place to get some ideas together. To keep the noise down for my neighbours, I played and sung more quietly than usual-no falsetto, no strumming, no falsetto. China Girl developed and became the quietest, most acoustic song on the album.

'Tubes of Red Pain' I'd had the tune written for a couple of months already but I couldn't find lyrics to marry it with. Life took a downturn for two people closest to me and the song was made.

Harper Ash is Ashley Harper-Little.

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