Me and Mr Kelleher
I like the time we spent alone
Parading round the music room
A drink in hand inside a smoky shroud

The tune we sang was loud and bright
We sang it down from our great height
The record though was coming to its’ end

I realise that time is short
The window closed so quick
I wasn’t ready to face the next stage of my life

I ran in time with you
I ran in life with you
(I ran with you my friend)
(I ran with you my friend)

Now life is calm and life is sweet
There’s nothing to sweep me off my feet
And there’s nothing here that wants to drag me down

And the past remains all in my mind
A happy place I’ve learned to find
Look inside and see that you’re alive

Cos a glimpse of life is all you get
When you never stop to look
A mirror stops the time just for a moment 

No One’s Free
Hey you, strong the way you play
Hey you, metal is a friend with you
God round here, he don’t wish to make a scene
And undressed, you don’t wear no more of evil

Well, well, No-one’s free
Cos we can’t treat a man well
Well, no-one’s free now
And I can’t see a way out
(Well, let me free now)
(Cos I just want a way out)

And your fight, is what you see just as your right
For your crimes, I can’t justify your time.
This reality that I struggle to explain.
How one man caused so many so much pain 

China Girl
The time you’ve given to me
The way you make me happy
My little China girl
You are my living world

If in this life you’re without me
I wish you happy as can be
My little China girl
You are my living world

For Xin

Testosterone World
I can’t take it seriously, I know I’m not alone
The latest news confirms you’re best off staying home
They smashed in all the windows
They smoked up all belongs to you

Petrol, wine and parking fines and other names for tax
Are what it takes to raise the funds to continue our attacks
Your money’s all gone been spent
On all these things we will repent

The Western aggressor and Russia’s might 
Go back to their old ways
The rogue state risk and the terror scene 
This place we’ve never been
Welcome to testosterone world
We never wanted this at all 

I'm laying on Ashes
With you in darkness
And carefully we listen
In awe of the silence
Sunrise, silouettes turn
Into you and we're on top of the world

The world in your eye
Dries up all of your cries
For you I'll see the sun will shine
With you I will survive

I'll stay here and cover
My hands with your face
So throw out, your anger
My right for you

I wish my time here was taken up with more of you
My path is laid down to be free
In my stairway holes undo you
And created in my time I wished you’d been my world

With broken wings you fly
Is it me that keeps you high
There floating in my breeze
Now fly my dragonfly

My friends have all strayed off it’s just us here left to hold
And think that it’s strange now it’s you and me
On your way out I’ll hold on to you
Through your darkness stumble through
Your dreams are all made here

You star the way you are
You won our race by far
Your dream is all now real
Stand up stand up my friend
Stand up stand up my friend
You star the way you are 

Tubes of Red Pain
All your pain, I see
Is still part of me
I look in your eye
But I'm not trained to see
When your green eyes roll
They seem black to me

And I wait, all I can do
All hands on you
My heart is racing
Cos I can read yours
And you they're saving
But you don't seem to know 

That I'm trained by you
Now I'm maimed by you
This time 
And tubes of red pain
Are slowly drained
Whilst they pump it in your stinging vein
As they try to stop your cancer pain

When you’re right I say
We look back on these days
A trial of living
In closed off dark days
With past forgiven
The sun will shine on you 

When I walk with you
When I talk with you 
Aloud and clear

When I walk with you
When I talk with you
I will stop if I begin to see
I take for granted you're here with me 

For Ma & For Sarah

I'm With You
I wish I’d made more time
I wish I’d seen the sign
My friends all do well
But I can’t find my way

Now you don’t care to wait
Your life is running late
And time rushes by
And drags us in his wake

So fly, you’re away
You and I, lonely two
This time we stay

I’m with you
I’m with you
I’m with you
Cos everybody’s ill
With you, right
All that I’ve thrown away
All that is your way 

Backing Vocal- Natasha Edwards

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