Today I went to the loft
To try to find the book
That’s full of all your photographs
To remind me how you look

Inside the roof for most of the day
Amongst clutter and junk that I can’t throw away
I opened every box and rummaged inside
Trying to find the place; where you’d managed to hide

Hundreds of letters; I found written by you
The calendar you made and postcards too
And the picture of a white horse with wings you’d drawn on
And other reminders of all the things that were gone

But not a single photograph; of you could I find
I looked in every box and left nothing behind
They're probably in a hiding place that I thought was safe
And forgotten now the whereabouts of this very special place

So when my book of memories is one day found
By the owner of this house a hundred years from now
They’ll look and see your picture and wonder who you are
And have no idea at all; how much you filled my heart


Every time I look to the mirror
The lines on my face get bigger and bigger
I use all those creams you see on the telly
But I think it’s just fat 'cos it goes straight to my belly

I’m losing brain cells but I’ve gained a chin
It’s time that's to blame for the state that I’m in
I’ve tried lotions and pills and more time in bed
But the sad truth is; I’m getting old in the head

All the best days I give to my past
I really can’t fathom how time went so fast
It’s easy to think too much about this
And the fact that we end up in an empty abyss

But one who sits in ponder and wonder
Ends up with a head full of rain and thunder
So I’ll continue my day as I normally would
Life can be better when less understood 


I’ve told you before that when I die
I want to come back and I want to fly
A seagull's life must be better than most
Float on the air of a windy coast

You can swoop and dive and nick people's chips
Or steal kid's ice cream just for kicks
Paddle the sea and find a fish
A seagulls life; that’s what I wish

There are so many types that you can see
I’m not really sure which one I’d be
Some are all white; clean and soft
Some are all spotty; floating aloft

I think what I’ll do; is wait for you
And together again; I’ll see what you do
A bird, or a cat, or pheasant is good
Whatever you are; by your side I’ll be stood 

Luxury Fever 

How much money do we really need
Is someone dying or is it just pure greed
There’s a soft top car sat on the drive
Long gone are the days of just staying alive

We own the best sofa, flat screen we’ve just bought
Four years pay for an African man; just a thought
And as for the Laptop, we got it so cheap
Those sweatshop girls do earn their keep

Soon I’ll buy me a big four wheel drive
It’s just what you need in a crash to survive
The spend on fuel is absolute max
So I’ll moan straight away about the government tax

You can’t put a price on your kids, you know
This 40 grand car is not just for show
Well it helps I suppose that everyone can see
That you can’t all be as special as me