1. I'm With You


I wish I&rsquo;d made more time <br />
I wish I&rsquo;d seen the sign <br />
My friends all do well <br />
But I can&rsquo;t find my way <br />
<br />
Now you don&rsquo;t care to wait <br />
Your life is running late <br />
And time rushes by <br />
And drags us in his wake <br />
<br />
Chorus <br />
So fly, you&rsquo;re away <br />
You and I, lonely two <br />
This time we stay <br />
<br />
I&rsquo;m with you <br />
I&rsquo;m with you <br />
I&rsquo;m with you <br />
Cos everybody&rsquo;s ill <br />
With you, right<br />
All that I&rsquo;ve thrown away <br />
All that is your way <br />
<br />
Backing Vocal- Natasha Edwards