From the recording Harper Ash-No Identity


All your pain, I see
Is still part of me
I look in your eye
But I'm not trained to see
When your green eyes roll
They seem black to me

And I wait, all I can do
All hands on you
My heart is racing
Cos I can read yours
And you they're saving
But you don't seem to know

That I'm trained by you
Now I'm maimed by you
This time
And tubes of red pain
Are slowly drained
Whilst they pump it in your stinging vein
As they try to stop your cancer pain

When you’re right I say
We look back on these days
A trial of living
In closed off dark days
With past forgiven
The sun will shine on you

When I walk with you
When I talk with you
Aloud and clear

When I walk with you
When I talk with you
I will stop if I begin to see
I take for granted you're here with me

For Ma & For Sarah