From the recording Harper Ash-No Identity


I like the time we spent alone
Parading round the music room
A drink in hand inside a smoky shroud

The tune we sang was loud and bright
We sang it down from our great height
The record though was coming to its’ end

I realise that time is short
The window closed so quick
I wasn’t ready to face the next stage of my life

I ran in time with you
I ran in life with you
(I ran with you my friend)
(I ran with you my friend)

Now life is calm and life is sweet
There’s nothing to sweep me off my feet
And there’s nothing here that wants to drag me down

And the past remains all in my mind
A happy place I’ve learned to find
Look inside and see that you’re alive

Cos a glimpse of life is all you get
When you never stop to look
A mirror stops the time just for a mome